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Episode 53 – Is It a Story or Me Too?

When you have something occur in or around the lifestyle it can be easy to look at it and ask is it a Story or Me Too? Quite often the way we process and perceive... Read More
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Episode 52 – Lifestyle Judgement

Having someone pass judgement in the Lifestyle can hurt even when it is from a place of not knowing all the facts. We recently experienced this from a group that we did not expect it... Read More
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Episode 51 – Forget About Valentines Day

We say Forget About Valentines Day! Hallmark has you hooked don’t they??? The need to keep up with the guy in the cubicle across from you who makes sure the world knows how much money... Read More

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6 easy steps to review us on iTunes

the 6 dead simple steps to Leave a Podcast Review at iTunes Step 1: Go to the iTunes Preview page for the Into The Lifestyle Podcast. Step 2: Click the Blue “View in iTunes” button. It looks…

the Into The Lifestyle Podcast

Wow – looks like we are adding a podcast to our network! We recently attended a crazy awesome 3 day networking event that had an amazing guy named Sam Crowley up on stage for a segment speaking…

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