Anyone that has spent anytime on Facebook knows how swiftly you will get banned or censored via what you post.

We constantly see groups and pages get shut down due to content that is posted that is violating Facebook’s’ terms. This happens regardless of if the group is public, private or even secret and this is exactly why people seeking new sexy friends or a place to share their own naughty adventures need to look to platforms such as the ITL Social Network, and sites like out of facebook. It really just comes down to someone sitting in a room at Facebook HQ deciding that Facebook needs to censor the Lifestyle – Not cool and so avoidable!

Also within this episode we get into some of the new features that are now coming online with the ITL Network websites and what is yet to come. And we get into the crazy shenanigans that we know will occur at the Whistler Lifestyle Takeover in November!

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Cindy & James

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