LANGUAGE ALERT – we come into this episode with a lot of passion around the abysmal level of integrity it takes to develop a company like Ashley Madison and what the Lifestyle could have provided the unfortunate people that got lured into their web.

Join us for this heated continuation of a discussion that we have been carrying for years about Ashley Madison and one that we recently shared on JackFM in Vancouver.

In Episode 2 we dig into what the Lifestyle is, isn’t and could be… for you! Join us for the ongoing discussion on what we feel the lifestyle is for us and see if any of it fits what you want to achieve in your sexual exploration.

Wow – you could tell where some of our passions are in this episode! Join in on the conversation below and let us know your thoughts about what the Lifestyle could be for you – all feedback is warmly welcomed! Please also remember to share us with your friends; You know the saying… Sharing is Caring!

Lots of Love

Cindy & James