Do you step back and savour those ahhhmazing moments that you have had, and will have, in the lifestyle?

Join Cindy for this thought provoking chat about why it is so important to take stock of all your experiences and savour the amazing lifestyle moments you have had in the lifestyle.

Join us for this tongue in cheek conversation about group sex, your first orgy and the start of an amazing sexual journey that you are about to embark on. We get into tips and tools to be as successful as possible in every group situation regardless if its your first or your 34th time…

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In this episode Cindy and James talk about the how they have seen the lifestyle community evolve into what it is today.

We also touch on how our lifestyle community ITL was born and also how we first met. Cindy gets into the wine a little bit so there are some colorful moments in this one so don’t miss out on them!

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Cindy & James

We all experience them so why not talk about some strategies on how to get past them with ease! Join us for this fun strategy session where we talk about how we navigate a busy social lifestyle and maintain our “wow” factor for each and every party!

An inspired episode thanks to a complaint we received on ITL in regards to our trial membership period and the person not “getting enough action” during the period of time they were online.

Join us as we speak about having your needs met and how to set yourself up for success with some simple tools that you can employ online and in real life.

Join us for this fun conversation on theme parties, private parties and lifestyle events… and what to wear to them!

We got a little goofy on this one but the conversation will be of great help on getting you ready for your first or 100th party – its all about feeling sexy!

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Cindy & James

Years of experience has taught us that it is usually one partner’s interest that brings the Lifestyle to the table…

Join us for this frank and informative conversation that will give you tips and tools on how to broach the subject with your partner and come out with a win for looking a little deeper into the lifestyle and what it can do for your relationship.

We dig into how the lifestyle subject came up for us and the many things we have learned along the way from the thousands of amazing lifestyle people we have met.

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Cindy & James

In Episode 2 we dig into what the Lifestyle is, isn’t and could be… for you! Join us for the ongoing discussion on what we feel the lifestyle is for us and see if any of it fits what you want to achieve in your sexual exploration.

Wow – you could tell where some of our passions are in this episode! Join in on the conversation below and let us know your thoughts about what the Lifestyle could be for you – all feedback is warmly welcomed! Please also remember to share us with your friends; You know the saying… Sharing is Caring!

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Cindy & James

Our First Episode!

We started this podcast to have the ability to speak to our fans and friends directly and reach more people than we already do via our social media accounts and our own network of Lifestyle websites. Who would have known that creating it would be so much fun and allow us yet another avenue to explore the lifestyle together while sharing what we see along the way!

This episode was completely unscripted and off the cuff ( that means no edits! ) so please be kind as we “feel” our way through this new process in our lifestyle learning 🙂

Lots of Love

Cindy & James