5 Episodes in and we are having a blast!

June 26, 2015

Conversations are easy for us, we speak often at events, seminars and all types of public situations.

We built the Into The Lifestyle Podcast to be able to continue these conversations and we are having a blast doing them! We love the feedback that we have been receiving from people who are tuning in and getting to know us and what we are all about. So we are 5 episodes in and we literally have the next 30 subjects planned out and we know there will be many in between episodes along the way. You may have noticed our episode numbering is a little different… Main numbers indicating our planned Tuesday shows and then the sub shows will have a letter after them indicating that they are a, b or so on… these ones come from something that has inspired us and we want to share!

If at anytime you have any feedback or wish to reach out to us please feel free to do so – we would love to hear from you and there are various ways on the site to make this happen!

Lots of Love!

Cindy & James

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