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  1. Would luv to cross promote with you and add your podcast to our site if your interested


  2. Michelle Dec 2, 2015

    Just started listening to you both as my husband and I have always been unconventional (for lack of a better word) in our thinking. You are great! You are both articulate, friendly and the way you care completely comes across when you are speaking. So thank you for that. Will continue to listen to your podcasts and hopefully get to meet you both. Since we are both thinking of wading into these waters, I would like to hear how a 1st time couple gets to find their place. Or how insecurity can play into an encounter. Not sure if I should elaborate more, but how does a woman (me) know if she’s ready? And what do you do after if there are “bad” (lack of a better word) feelings…thank you for being open and honest!
    You have two fans in Boston : )

    • We love Boston… well as long as the Bruins are beating up on our Canucks!

      We would love to tackle those subjects for you and thank you for the kind compliments! Cindy and I travel and sponsor events all over the place so please do say hello if we are ever at one that you are attending 🙂

    • Cindy Dec 2, 2015

      Thanks guys! I would love to hear how your heard about us – Yay Boston 🙂
      What a wonderful message.
      Wading in the waters is perfect. It sounds like you are on a great path to success!
      To answer how first timers find their place I would say you never find your place -you create it – moment by moment by moment. Learn to connect within and with each other.
      The connection within is the first step. Establish an overall commitment for instance: Commit to having fun and nudging boundaries to start. Where possible take baby steps – this is important because big leaps rob you of the small joys in this journey. Also moving too fast could land you in a state of overwhelm. Never be afraid to request the two of you take it down a few notches and enjoy some of the smaller less intense (more mutually agreeable) boundaries when needed.

      Insecurities arise because we are human. They are a great opportunity to look at what you’re committed to and to discuss them thoroughly. They don’t need to be viewed as significant, they just offer another conversation topic.

      There will be bumps in the road -nothing in life or the lifestyle is always smooth. I assure you however you will learn much more about yourself and others through the process!

      How to know if you’re ready? Great question – as women we can over-analyze everything right? It’s a beautiful thing and again babysteps are the best way to ease into everything. Nothing ever needs to be forced. Start small and keep fantasizing each and every day. You’ll know when it’s time to turn your fantasies into reality. Follow your intuition and you’ll know.

      Please continue to reach out and let me know what other questions you have. I am so excited for you and your journey!


  3. Michelle Feb 23, 2016

    Hi. Flying to Vancouver from Boston just to visit city. Anyone in the lifestyle care to grab a drink and maybe answer some questions for me? Would love to meet and get more familiar. I realize this is a random request, but had to ask! I am staying in Coquitlam. Thank you : )
    Michelle S,

  4. Michael Oct 5, 2018

    Hey Cindy,

    I just listened to your podcast #24 talking about single males, and I disagree that if you know what you want, you’ll get it. I think this is a really horribly advice to single men, that if they know what they specifically want, they will get it. I understand that you said this may not apply to all men and yeah I do agree with that. I try so hard to be more patient, understanding, resilient and empathetic but it doesn’t seem to grow for me.

    I don’t need your advice, and I don’t your recommendations. I just want you to say that some men DON’T have it well, that some men just can’t get any sort of affection back, because that is the truth! Some men, just will never get laid, even IF they are specific and say what they want and say all their passions and goals in life. I also disagree with you in that all women have this natural caring thing inside them that makes them want to help. I’ve told my problem to many female friends and colleagues I met, and believe me it wasn’t easy sharing my relationship goals and sex life goals (and no, they did want to hear about it) but none of them really helped and all they did was give stupid advises like yours saying know what you want and be specific (and no it is not because I need to help myself, I’ve been trying that my whole life.)

    The reason why I am writing all this is because:
    #1 I want to tell you guys how brave it is that ya’ll are trying this new post-monogomy era lifestyle first of all, you know to be so open on the internet and still do it, you guys are brave, no questions and
    #2 because listening to your podcast #24 I cannot disagree with you anymore about what single men should do. I don’t know what they should do, but I know that your advice will maybe help slight portion of men and do nothing for the other 90% and
    #3 for you to admit that single men have it hard, they are ostracized in the community (I don’t doubt the reasons, single men can be more reckless and objectifying), and that they should just keep trying, that’s the only legitimate advice that I have, is keep trying, keep learning yourself. don’t expect your goals or your specificity of want to deliver you anything.

    Otherwise, great website.


    • Hello Michael, thank you for taking the time to comment, we appreciate any and all feedback!

      Our views and opinions come from over 2 decades of being in the lifestyle and from speaking to thousands of singles and couples about their experiences. Everyone has their own experience though and we feel empathy that yours is not reaching the level you wish it would and we hope that you keep working towards your goals in a lifestyle relationship.

      All the best!