In this episode Cindy and James talk about the how they have seen the lifestyle community evolve into what it is today.

We also touch on how our lifestyle community ITL was born and also how we first met. Cindy gets into the wine a little bit so there are some colorful moments in this one so don’t miss out on them!

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Much Love!


Cindy & James

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One comment on “Episode 12 – the Lifestyle Community

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  1. Booboojam Aug 1, 2015

    We are so blessed to be part of the wonderful community that Cindy & James support through Our life and relationship is so much richer because of it.

    We were at the house warming party Cindy mentions and it was such a good time. I remember looking around and talking with Cindy about all the positive energy they put out and how it manifests itself into a community where people truly care about each other.

    Cindy & James, you two ROCK! Hugs to all,