Wild long weekends lead to inspired chats about the swinging lifestyle!

Join us for a little fun around what we experienced over the past weekend and what became evident about the lifestyle for us thanks to those that we spent time with.

As always we love feedback so please do feel free to reach out to us with comments, questions or inquires!


Cindy & James


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2 comments on “Episode 20 – I can’t believe this is Swinging!

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  1. Vic and Marie Jan 5, 2016

    Ok we’re hooked on your podcasts now. We are working through the past episodes randomly and this one has hit home. This IS what the lifestyle is about. Friends, get togethers and new ohana’s that are there when you need them. Sometimes very hard to find but you just proved it, it is out there. Love this episode.

    • Thanks you two! We really appreciate the support and feedback. If there are ever any subjects that you feel would be of benefit to cover feel free to let us know!