The subject of what role does a Single Male in the Lifestyle play comes up in conversations and posts on all social media sites; constantly…

Join Cindy for her point of view as she talks to this subject and gives tips for the single males that are part of the lifestyle and how they can be successful in navigating their own journeys.

As always we love feedback and keeping the conversation going so please do post below or reach out to us on the various platforms we frequent.


Cindy & James




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4 comments on “Episode 24 – Single males in the Lifestyle

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  1. Thanks. Your comments were helpful and interesting. Years ago I was told “it’s just nothing more than sex”. Obviously it is a lot more than that.

    • Everyone’s journey is different but to make true lasting friendships that will see you playing more often you need to nurture lifestyle friendships.

  2. katrancher Oct 25, 2015

    I started out as a Single Male at first and became quite successful. I feel this was mostly due to long term thinking. I made friends and built a reputation as being respectful and fun to be with socially. A great tip for SMs in the LS is to engage, gain trust and eventually make friends with the other male half. If you skip that step you are most likely going nowhere.