In this episode we look at the ITL 2015 Review for the entire ITL network so join us as we reminisce about all the things that occurred over the last year.


Comparing systems from places to events and on to amazing people we talk about most (that we can remember) that we had the blessing to be involved with or in during 2015 and we start to look forward at 2016 and all that will unfold for our community and the lifestyle as a whole. Within the episode we drop a few hints and firm facts on what 2016 will bring so make sure you catch them so you can stay ahead of the crazy fun that 2016 will bring! This system of a 12 month loans for bad credit no brokers is much easier pay off than traditional loans especially for people with low income or on benefits. Be aware of boiler finance with bad credit to not get blacklisted, see it here to learn more.

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Much love


Cindy & James

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2 comments on “Episode 29 – ITL 2015 Review

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  1. Vic and Marie Jan 2, 2016

    Hi James and Cyn, just finished listening to your podcast and you two are fantastic. Your voices captured our attention right away. We started listening to podcasts after returning from NIN and your’s is by far one of the best.
    We have been away from the local scene for awhile till we attended your recent meet and greet. Loved the atmosphere and meeting all the friendly people attending. From what we observed you two are doing it right, keep it up. Looking forward to attending more your events.

    • Thank you for the kind words and for being awesome! Hope to see you at more than just a meet n greet soon!