Join Cindy as she talks about her experiences with the lifestyle vulnerability hangover and how to move powerfully through it with ease and grace. We all have it but many of us don’t realize what it is so this is an important conversation to help you grow into a ever moving forward lifestyler.

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Cindy & James

We are consistently asked for tips on attending Lifestyle Takeover Getaway events by people new to the lifestyle and even by veterans.

Join us for this fun conversation about what you can expect at takeover or getaway and tips on how you can be as prepared as possible for all the crazy fun you are about to have. We are currently preparing for the Whistler Lifestyle Takeover in November so we are in the midst of doing many of the things we talk about in this episode!

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Cindy & James

The subject of what role does a Single Male in the Lifestyle play comes up in conversations and posts on all social media sites; constantly…

Join Cindy for her point of view as she talks to this subject and gives tips for the single males that are part of the lifestyle and how they can be successful in navigating their own journeys.

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Cindy & James




a hard conversation that can open up the world

This episode came to be via an out of the blue phone call. Listen in as we talk about what happens when a person in a monogamous relationship is confronted by their partner wanting to explore the lifestyle. We also talk about tips that you can use in your own conversation and draw from our own experiences in how you can navigate a hard but oh so worthy conversation.

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Anyone that has spent anytime on Facebook knows how swiftly you will get banned or censored via what you post.

We constantly see groups and pages get shut down due to content that is posted that is violating Facebook’s’ terms. This happens regardless of if the group is public, private or even secret and this is exactly why people seeking new sexy friends or a place to share their own naughty adventures need to look to platforms such as the ITL Social Network, and sites like out of facebook. It really just comes down to someone sitting in a room at Facebook HQ deciding that Facebook needs to censor the Lifestyle – Not cool and so avoidable!

Also within this episode we get into some of the new features that are now coming online with the ITL Network websites and what is yet to come. And we get into the crazy shenanigans that we know will occur at the Whistler Lifestyle Takeover in November!

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Cindy & James

How do you create the perfect online profile?

This is something that we get asked all the time!

Join us as we chat about what makes a profile stand out from the rest and that is guaranteed to get you noticed!

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Cindy & James

Wild long weekends lead to inspired chats about the swinging lifestyle!

Join us for a little fun around what we experienced over the past weekend and what became evident about the lifestyle for us thanks to those that we spent time with.

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Cindy & James


Who doesn’t want to be around sexxxy people that are easy going and ooze adaptability?

Join us for a fun conversation about how adaptability is oh so sexxxy and also a little about how we survived a recent “storm” in our area of the world, is just that sex is a big part of everyone’s life, so sometimes getting help from toys is actually a good thing, and is easy now a days since you can go to sites as and find anything you may need.

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Cindy & James

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This episode is mostly for the guys but there is lots to learn for the ladies too!

Join James & Cindy for this frank discussion about the physiological, physical and self induced items that can prevent peek performance when you need it most. Basically you can cockblock yourself!

As always the show is unscripted and unedited so we weave in and out of the main subject throughout the episode (but that’s why you love our shows right!)

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James & Cindy

Who’s the Domme in your relationship?

We love it when a conversation goes as far off topic as this one did!

Join us for a few lifestyle tangents about sharing the role of being a domme in your relationship, communication (as always lol) and a whole bunch more! And we promise – no wine was spilled during this broadcast!

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