Jealousy. Jealousy and the Lifestyle…

Jealousy and the Lifestyle

Jealousy and the Lifestyle can rear its ugly head at all levels of life so in this episode we broach the subject which come to be after we recently saw it first hand.

Join us as we touch on how jealousy has been a part of our past and also go into ideas on how to avoid it, work past it and conquer it for good.

So please join us in the conversation and as always we love feedback so if you have tips to share on how you work past the drama that jealousy brings please do post below or reach out to us personally – we would love to hear from you!


Cindy & James

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Have you ever sat around a boardroom table and been surrounded by people who are more interested in their agendas and own point of views than seeing that there is a better way to be and communicate? I had this experience yet again today and want to share my thoughts on communication and how people who are in the Lifestyle are just better at it. Tune in and see if you agree and please do leave feedback below!